Hello, and welcome… I’m glad you’re here.

This is a place for self-remembrance… for soul-remembrance. It is a safe haven for reclaiming what lies deep in our interior - in shadowy corners, in faint but insistent whispers that rise within  us – inner urgings and preferences that we often reflexively turn away from just to get on with our day.

We think we can live well in this world by skating along the surface, but it is by diving into our own depths that we live full, authentic, and dimensional lives. The way to get there is to shine a gentle light on those interior spaces, and learn to recognize the depth of our own knowing. Our true wisdom, when we have the courage to heed it, connects us to a vast universe ready to support us.

Gentle nudges of guidance appear everywhere…. signs and synchronicities that fall across our path daily. If we follow these breadcrumbs, they will lead us to our right life.

Our work together is about learning to listen. Both to your interior voice and to a rich variety of symbolic languages that offer insight and direction, adding dimension and guidance for your life’s journey.

A central tool that I have found offers deep clues to our soul’s directive is our astrological chart. I will be your translator as we engage with this rich symbolic language, gently turning up the volume on what you have perhaps always known, but have never given voice to.

As we work together to bring your soul’s voice to the forefront of your life, we will also look to the clues offered by both your birth chart (your soul’s template for this lifetime) and your transits and progressions (how your soul is evolving in the here and now). This powerful exploration will take you to a new level of clarity and engagement in your evolving life.

Let us begin….