"Every picture tells a story,
don't it?" 

- Rod Stewart

Choose any photo from your past and you will find a story there. You will find one on the surface, and you will find a deeper one.  Our photos are kaleidoscopic and dimensional representations of our lives. When we peer into an image from our past, we often see through the lens of habitual thought ("she was wonderful" or "he was mean to me"). With consciousness, we can view them from a broader perspective. That's where I come in.

Old images are snapshots of our lives encapsulated and amplified. They contain a wealth of wisdom and point to revelatory moments as well as moments that froze us in time. They reveal ancient beliefs and points of view that are still hanging out in corners of our psyche. There are experiences captured in photographs that long for liberation.

Educator Dawna Markova eloquently coined the phrase to listen someone into speech. I believe that photographs contain pivotal life stories, and if we provide a space to hear them, we discover how these stories have silently informed our life. They may have created blind spots or tripped us up along the way.

So bring me your photographs, and let's listen them into speech.

They can be childhood photos. They can be wedding photos. They can be photos taken on a family vacation. They can be photos of your great-grandparents. They can be photos of you with a friend taken a few years ago. They can be images that represent the arc of a relationship.

Let's look at an image of you as a toddler. Let her tell you the story of how it was. We'll ask her if there are other stories she hasn't considered. We'll offer her wisdom from the future.

Scan me a picture of your mother as a child, one of her as a parent, and one later in life. Explored together in a session, the images can offer great insight into your evolving understanding of your mother - and the complex human being that she is or was.

These sessions are about you as a witness. You are no longer 3 years old, and you are not your mother, or your grandfather or your child. Tell me the story of then, and tell me how the story has changed in the present. Let us witness together the journey you have taken.

We'll meet virtually or in person for an hour. 

You'll scan 3-6 photos and send them to me beforehand. We will explore the images you are most drawn to during the session, which may mean that we get to just one, or several - depending on where each photo takes us. 

Select at least 3 where you are in the image. Choose your photos intuitively. Let yourself be guided to the ones that are ready to be truly seen.

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