Imagine, if you will, a large table at the center of your being. Gathered around are a variety of personalities – some eyeing each other uncomfortably from across the table, some sitting close and whispering to each other, some eating quietly and pondering their own thoughts. Maybe one or two are pontificating, trying to control the conversation, or arguing with each other. 


Welcome to your inner astrology chart!

This is how the planets, in their unique placements in your chart, interact with each other in your psyche. 

Maybe you have your Sun in Aries and are generally a forthright, no-nonsense, and energetic person… yet your Moon, the inner ground of your being, is in gentle and intuitive Pisces. How do these two forces within you get along? How do they make room for each other, honor each other? 

What if half of the placements in your chart are in grounded, practical, and generally introverted Earth signs, while the other half are in idea-driven, talkative, and sociable Air signs? How do you find a meeting ground and a way of integrating these energies so you feel coherent and not split?

Enter Engaged Astrology.

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In our work together, I will give you a new way of looking at these inner personalities. Your Sun sign is important, but there are other planetary energies that contribute to your particular way of moving through the world. I will help you bring consciousness to these hidden drives and motivations. Consciousness brings a language for conversing with these parts of yourself, deepening your self-understanding and bringing a new sense of peace and connection with the many parts that make up your unique self. We invite all parts of you to your inner table – all are welcome, for what we shun in ourselves becomes our shadow. We open up windows in your psyche so you may experience life more spaciously and joyfully. You will feel greater empowerment in managing that inner conversation, and greater clarity as you engage more consciously with your life. 

I have been working with Lauren-Miranda for over a year and it has been such a wonderful experience! She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and witty. Her insightful questions really get to the heart of the matter. She has an amazing breadth of experience and knowledge to share and use in helping you find and travel your soul path. I love her use of astrology and the Enneagram to provide insight into a situation or your preferred coping methods. She is a goddess…  I highly recommend working with Lauren-Miranda.

- C.H., West Branch, IA