Our work together is about
inviting, welcoming, and shining a gentle light on     
your heart and soul.

Our interior voice speaks softly. In the noise of daily life, it’s often hard to listen.
We will listen together.

The language of our hearts and souls is varied and subtle.

It speaks through signs, symbols, synchronicities….

And yes, the quiet voice within us that knows what’s true

Even as we often brush it away.

So come, let’s listen together.

I can interpret the ‘symbol’ part
through our exploration of your personal astrological signature.

I will be your translator as we engage with this rich symbolic language
and gently raise the volume on what you have perhaps always known,
but have never given voice to.

We each contain so much wisdom and inner direction.
There are windows that open within, and sometimes
They become obscured.
Sometimes inner doorways become jammed.
We can’t find our way in.
We don’t know which way to go, or even
What we really want.
An exploration of our astrological charts can help clear the fog,
And offer keys to unlock the answers we have sought for so long.
The unique planetary placements in your chart speak volumes to me
And offer us rich avenues for exploration into your inner world.

Astrology consultations can stand alone,
and I also offer coaching sessions for diving deeper.

You have various options for continuing our work together…


Your astrological chart is a reflection of your life as you know it, and it also offers clues to a more aligned future.  In our work together, your chart can illuminate how you can transform habitual patterns and develop unexcavated gifts. Through further exploration, I can help you bring greater movement, flow, and ease to your unfolding life.

Astrology for Entrepreneurs

This offering is a reading of your chart with your business in mind. This is for those who are looking for insight around business shifts, launch periods, or how to clarify your values and soul’s intent in your work. We will also look at how your business is a reflection of both your personality and your inner life.  How can you maximize your unique gifts and align with your passions as you offer yourself to the world?

Solar Return Sessions

Each year around your birthday, the sun comes back around to the place it was at the moment of your birth. We can mark this astrologically by creating a unique chart that reveals the patterns and possibilities of your year ahead. We explore this chart alongside your birth chart and note where your growth points and opportunities will be.  


Let us begin….