About Lauren-Miranda


I am here to help you form a clearer and kinder relationship with your precious self. There is great, illuminating light to be found in exploring your life through astrology, and my joy is in helping you excavate that light. The light that is unearthed within you can be healing, both to yourself and to others.

I love working with people from every stage of life. There are threshold points of great transition in every life, which I can help you understand from an astrological view. But there are also both waves of change and stuck places that are unique to each of us, and I appreciate guiding clients of every age through these tender places.

I didn't come to this work until midlife, though I have been journeying my way to it since my teens. A long, circuitous, sometimes fog-enshrouded road to get here. Self-doubt, timidity, and brushing away the obvious signs of my soul's direction slowed me down. I so understand how hard it can be to fully claim our lives. But I will tell you that finally arriving is awe-inspiring and sweet!

Moving through the fog, I advanced sometimes imperceptibly for many years. During that time, I hid out in libraries, masquerading, I felt, as a librarian. My love of books, research, and local history was not enough to erase a core knowing that I am here for some larger purpose.

During my clear-headed times, I read, of course. I wrote. I continued my education. I continued to feel my way, exploring many paths and programs, gathering skills, honing and clarifying my own unique way of being in service to others.

My training travels included an M.A. degree in Transpersonal Psychology; mentorship with James Wanless in the archetypal language of the Voyager Tarot; Enneagram training with Russ Hudson of the Enneagram Institute; Soul Coaching with Denise Linn; Martha Beck Life Coach Training; and an apprenticeship with Steven Forrest in Evolutionary Astrology.

Even in what we experience as fog, we are always growing and evolving and yes, arriving.

I now recognize that not a single step of my journey, including the places where I just laid flat out in the road, feeling lost and hopeless, was wasted time. A part of me was always awake, learning, and moving forward.

This is true for you, too.

It is my honor to join you on the path you are currently traversing and to shed light on your life via the rich, illuminating language of astrology. Our explorations can help you clarify your deepest truths and provide greater understanding and renewed direction for your life.