Astrology Sessions

Root Sessions

Our journey together begins with an initial exploration of your birth chart. We plant roots together by beginning with your foundation: your astrological chart. We lay our virtual picnic blanket under the shade of the tree that is you. This tree, representing your unique astrological DNA, is a map of the territory for your lifetime. It is as unique as your thumbprint. It reveals both where you shine brightly and where you are challenged to grow.

Your chart is a symbolic out-picturing of your personal experience. During a session, I will gently shine a light on the many personalities that make up your planetary placements. In this light we see them step forward to assert themselves and negotiate with each other. Astrology helps you identify those differing parts - to understand them better, and to artfully teach them to dance together. Astrology sessions offer tools for honoring our whole self. My clients often find the experience profoundly revelatory and healing. Inner mysteries and motivations come into the light and begin to make more sense, leading to a deeper level of coherence as you create the life you truly desire. 

I have just had THE MOST AMAZING astrological reading from Lauren-Miranda Gilbert. She brought such clarity and comprehension to the various aspects of my chart/life that I felt my world open! If you are in a life transition or simply interested in your current trajectory, I highly recommend working with her. She is gentle, sincere, and the real deal!!

- BB, Pasadena, CA

Common Questions Explored

  • What lessons and opportunities are highlighted for me in this lifetime?

  • What are the needs of my core personality, and what are the needs of my soul?

  • How can I honor the needs of my whole self?

  • What are my windows for growth, gifts I may offer others?

  • Why do some things seem so hard – and how can I, with consciousness, create more ease in my life?


We meet for 60-75 minutes via phone or in my home office in Contra Costa County, CA. 

During your Root Session, we will discuss your birth chart (your symbolic map for this lifetime) and also explore the highlights of your transits and progressions (your unfolding journey, where you find yourself now, how you are evolving).

Your chart is as complex as you are. We will trust that whatever arises in our session is just what you need to hear at this time. For returning clients, schedule a follow-up BRANCH session (see below).

Root Initial Astrology Session
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Lauren-Miranda has a way of genuinely listening that always makes me feel that I have really been seen and heard; that she sincerely cares. She has a real gift for gently asking just the right questions at the right time to elicit the deepest, most meaningful insights and responses. She can always get to the heart of the matter with her talent for emotional articulation, honesty and directness.

- L.H., Berkeley, CA 

Branch Sessions ~ Continuing the Journey

In Branch Sessions, we work with the foundation of your Root Session and breathe movement into it. Your astrological chart is a complex, dynamic, kaleidoscopic representation of your life. Some of the avenues for exploration in a reading invite further inquiry, and that is why I offer follow-up sessions. To branch out from the root of our first session together and explore further. 

In a Branch Session, we climb up from the roots and traverse parts of your chart that we weren’t able to fully enter due to the time constraints of the first session.

There is also a synchronicity of timing, in which you may be drawn to have a session just when significant shifts happen that are reflected in both your chart and your life. Return for a check-in anytime you feel called to. An annual check-in around your birthday, the beginning of the year, or anytime you’re on the threshold of change is a good time for a Branch session.

Your chart is a reflection of your life as you know it, but it also offers clues to how you might navigate and transform habitual patterns, and also bring forth and develop unexcavated gifts. I am here to join you in that further exploration, with the foundational roots of your first session as a guide. My intention is to bring greater movement, flow, and ease to your unfolding life.

Branch Sessions are an alchemical mix of astrology, counseling (help with moving through), coaching (help with moving forward), intuition, co-creation (it’s your life, after all), occasional bits of poetry, tarot, and resource recommendations. My work is informed in equal parts by my studies in depth psychology, coaching, astrology, and my own particular wisdom and heart.

I’ve worked with Lauren-Miranda on various occasions, and each time, I found her to be a nurturing, lovely and astute coach. Her manner is so soothing and genuine, I felt right at home, and like I was working with an old friend. Through her astrological readings, and in her coaching, she has opened me to new and deeper insights about myself and helped me in subtly shifting my perspective to something larger and greater than myself. Her work is profound, and it’s a gift to have the opportunity to engage with her.  

- D.B., Madison, NJ

So, begin with a Root Session. If you’ve already had one, you can either book a single follow-up session, or book a package of three. Packages allow the space for your unfoldment, deeper exploration, and transformation.

Branch Follow-Up Sessions
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