Astrology For Entrepreneurs

Are you seeking more clarity with your vision for your business?

Do you want to share more of your authentic self in your offerings but are not sure how?

Do you have ideas for a new direction for your business
and wonder about your next best steps?

Are you on the cusp of launching something new
and wondering about the best timing for your offering?

I can support you with an exploration of your chart
with your business in mind.

Your astrological chart reveals how different aspects of your personality dance together, and how you express that unique dance in the world - both consciously and unconsciously. Seen through the lens of your business, this session can offer insight about who you truly are and what would bring authentic joy into your work. Your path, as well as your ideal client comes into your vision and your business.

Astrology for Entrepreneurs with Lauren-Miranda

Depending on your particular business goals, some of the areas we may explore in this session will be:

  • Shining a light on the needs of your core personality in every part of your work

  • Exploring the needs of your heart and soul and how best to honor those “quiet needs”

  • Revealing what activities feel most in alignment with your energy levels and need for physical activity in your workday

We’ll look at the areas of your chart that reveal:

  • your inherent values

  • your ideal work routine and environment

  • how you want to show up in the world

  • the kinds of people who are your ideal clients

  • simple fixes for honoring your natural style

  • how you appear to others - your initial energy of engagement

We’ll also take a look at how the planets are currently interacting with the “work” areas of your chart. The movement of the planets clarifies windows of opportunity for the evolution of your business.

Your 60 minute session includes a digital recording.

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