Reinvention, Right Timing, and the Journey Ahead

When the call to reinvention first stirs in our soul, we begin traversing a bridge that stretches across the landscape of our psyche.

We walk this bridge as we gradually shed one identity, one way of being. 

As we travel from our old life to what has not yet been born, we feel the light and the air touch us in unfamiliar ways, because the part of us that was covered by our old life garment is now open and vulnerable to whatever comes next.

So we move forward… with an idea of what wants to unfold next in our lives, and this idea is like a magic thread.  We move forward and we weave the thread that will become a better-fitting life garment. So the journey becomes a walking and a weaving one.

In all transparency, I am still on this bridge. The beginning point is a good distance behind me, as I have shed half of my former job, traveled through life coach training, and begun my practice. Soon, I will arrive at the other side and leave the job altogether, but that time is not quite here.

 It’s quite fascinating to feel myself disappearing from the workplace that I’ve inhabited for many years. I almost expect that one day I will simply be invisible to those around me. And then I will know it’s time to go. I am honoring this slow death.

No longer the Wild Child, bristling at the confinement of bureaucracy and corporate structure. Now I am the Watcher. Being in that world, but not of it. The slow departure is a healing for me of all the anger, frustration, and feelings of entrapment I felt for so many years. When I wanted something else but felt unable to create a solid shape out of my longings.

Yet the moment I stepped onto the bridge, pulled by the deep yearning for something more, I began forging a path towards creating my own empowerment and authenticity.  Taking action to bring my soul’s urgings to life was the beginning of my release, surrender, and forgiveness for what was never truly my place to begin with.

Are you feeling the pull towards a reinvention bridge? If you are yearning for something else, even something unnamable, it’s important to just set out walking.  Even if the bridge is enshrouded in fog. Or darkness.

Step out. Listen for the sound of what is calling you. Follow its gentle whisper. The words you hear will become clearer, the directive more precise as you do two things: keep walking and trust.

Each day on the bridge is new. Just keep listening. There will be times to pause and assess. You may peer behind you and see how far you’ve come. But don’t focus too much on that now. The journey itself is a gift. You are shedding what no longer fits you, and growing into your new life.

Everything has its time. I have surrendered to the flow of this, my own journey across the particular reinvention bridge that I happen to be on now. I can see the light of arrival on the other side, just up ahead.


 Seed Thoughts:

  • Are you currently on a reinvention bridge? And if so, are you at the beginning, middle, or near the point of arrival?

  • Consider other bridges you have traveled over the course of your life that led you to a new sense of yourself.

  • What actions make your journey easier, and what makes it challenging?


 I welcome your thoughts below.

With love,