A Spiral of Inquiry For the New Year

I do love a good question.

What makes a good one? Questions that liberate us instead of shut us down, inspire us instead of shame us. Questions that are openings, not locked doors.

Below is a self-inquiry by way of a spate of questions. A gentle uncovering to the heart of what is working me now.

Rainer Maria Rilke says to be patient towards all that is unsolved in your heart, and try to love the questions themselves.

But posing this series of questions, for me, is not an act of impatience. It’s a kind of meditation, a peering into inner corners. Not necessarily in fervent search for an answer. But simply by posing the questions, I trust I will live my way into the answers (thank you, Mr. Rilke).

I invite you to explore your own questions. This is your personality asking it of your soul. Your soul has the answers. And it will offer clues in oblique ways:

  • when you’re having a conversation with a friend about something else

  • when you’re taking a long shower

  • weeks from now, when you’ve nearly forgotten you asked the question

 The soul comes in the side door.

So, what are the questions on your inner horizon? Start with the first one that arises, then work your way in. Or even just start with one, and live with it a while.

Here are mine… for now:

 The dream for my life keeps morphing.

Am I current with my own dreaming?

Is the current dream built on others expectations, or my own true desire?

What am I striving towards?

Does it feel like striving?

Does some part of my dream actually feel dead?

What part is the striving? What part feels dead?

 Is there a part of the dream that is still surrounded in light and airiness, or a sense of delight and electricity?

Can I extract that aliveness from the striving or the deadness?

Does this create a new dream?

Can I release the old dream, and step into the new?

Is there an internal journey that I need to take, a mourning, before I can step into a new dream?

How old is the dream? How has it changed since I first dreamt it? Sensing in... Of course, it has. Maybe I haven’t acknowledged that. Do I have the courage to acknowledge that my true dream has changed along with me?

Do I have the courage to be just who I am today, and be fully present to what is dreaming me now?


With you in the living dream….






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