The Dreaming and the Doing

I often feel that my life is largely a negotiation, a dance between the dreamy and amorphous planet Neptune and the responsible, get ‘er done vibe of taskmaster Saturn.

Both bring gifts and limitations.

Neptune is our inner canvas, where we pour the paint of our ideas or draw the fuzzy details of last night’s dream. It is where we sit on our inner shore, gazing out to sea, lost in a profound reverie. Where it may appear that not much is happening, from the outside. But inside, oh, so much.


We need Neptune time. We need time to gestate, to germinate, to stare out the window, to lie fallow while we wait for the light to appear, for one path or another to illuminate and we see our next best steps.

And yet, it’s a fine line between holding space for our dreams to grow and falling into listlessness. From gazing out to sea, to floating out there, aimless, and in a way, drowning.

Neptune becomes a fog when we find ourselves caught in addiction – from actual substance abuse to partaking of one too many cupcakes or binge-watching old episodes of Friends.  That’s how we know we have left the true dream, and must go back inward to find it.

Neptune is a gift when we honor the dream space. We do this by consciously carving out time for dreaming. To imagine the life we truly desire, to envision it in living color on our inner landscape. The key is to recognize when the dream is ripe, and ready to become a reality.

Reality is Saturn’s territory.

Saturn lives fully in this world. He is the responsible elder, the time-keeper, the hard worker. He rules earth-based Capricorn. His main interest is in keeping us grounded in the reality of this world.

He is a taskmaster, but his gifts are abundant. Most of all, they are evident. There is nothing amorphous in Saturn’s territory. It is drawn with clear boundaries, and the results of focus, patience, and diligence are clear.


Saturn is the voice that tells us whether our dreams are feasible. Not always something we want to hear, but it’s a necessary balance to dreaming the dream. This can also help us gauge how important the dream is to us, when we are challenged. Saturn's voice appears as an authority - which is why we tend to rebel against it. As we claim our own sense of authority, we see how this energy only wants to help us fully actualize ourselves. We are then acting on our own behalf, in the most powerful way.

Yet Saturn fails us when he drives us to work for work’s sake. When we are up at 1:00 a.m., bleary-eyed and compulsively intent on finishing a project – not because we are feeling alive and inspired, but because we don’t want to address relationship problems that await us in the other room, or we are avoiding some other issue, and that is why we’ve lapsed into workaholism.

As much as our Neptune dreams need Saturn to make them real, our Saturn’s ability to manifest those dreams only happens when it stays in touch with the inspiration and the magic of the creation itself. Saturn needs the dream as a spark for authentic motivation.

Consider the fragile balance between the dreaming and the doing right now in your life.

Are you taking time to feed and foster your dream? Do you need to carve out more space for imagining, scribbling notes, painting pictures?  Are you feeding your inner images, or are you being passively fed by “outer images” – social media, TV, web browsing? In this info-laden world, we all do this. It’s a fine balance.  We know we’re truly feeding our Neptune when our reverie time feels expansive, enlivening, and filled with possibility - not uncomfortably aimless, depressing, and without inspiration. If the latter, the remedy is to dive deeper, to reconnect with the heart of our dreams.

Saturn can kick us when we’re down in that lost place, because it gets frustrated that we’re not living up to our potential. That’s when we’re both immobile on the couch and also beating ourselves up for not getting on with our lives. How helpful is that? Not at all. That’s why the best we can do is anything that inspires a reconnection to our buried dreams. Draw, write, knit, meditate, walk through a quiet wood… our heart knows what will help us find our way back.

 Fueled by the awakened dream and sparked with our inspiration, Saturn says, “okay, let’s see what we can work with here.” Saturn will help us edit, restructure, and hone in on the core of what we have to offer. And then it will place a gentle hand on our back and push us forward to offer it up.

I invite you to sense into this inner dance… what part of you is dreaming, and what part is doing? 

May Neptune’s flowing waters, which hold your most cherished dreams, come to the solid ground of Saturn’s shores to create the living reality of your heart’s desire.


With love,