Exploring Your Personal Harvest Cycle


The Book of Houses

I have great faith in a seed and I am prepared to expect wonders.

- Henry David Thoreau

 I’ve always loved the metaphor of the acorn, how the seed of an idea or dream, something so small within us, can contain the potential of great things that we might manifest, what we might become.

This offering is about consciously planting a new seed of intention each year, and nurturing that growth within us – each month focusing on a different aspect of that process. From simple seed to tender bud to full-out flower.

I am thrilled to have discovered this wonderful book, The Book of Houses, and have created a series of offerings with it as a framework.

Here we track the journey of the Sun around your astrological chart, illuminating each of the twelve houses (arenas of your life) and offering direction for you as you traverse this circle, year after year.

You don’t need to know a thing about astrology – this is all explained in clear and eloquent language.

The authors, Robert Cole and Paul Williams, engage the metaphor of a harvest cycle for your personal year. To harvest the dreams we have for our life, we first have to plant seeds – a vision, an intention for the coming year.

We begin with the 11th house, which, among other things, represents our hopes and dreams. Cole and Williams call this the House of Choosing Seeds.

When is the Sun in your House of Choosing Seeds? That depends on your personal chart. With your birth information, I will overlay your chart to fit with each of the corresponding houses.

For instance, my chart reveals that I begin the House of Choosing Seeds on June 1st each year. From that day until July 5th, my work is to consciously consider what I truly, deeply want to create in my life. It’s a time of creating vision boards, journal writing, talking with close friends about what I truly desire for my life.

Your House of Choosing Seeds time will be different, depending on the unique timing of your personal chart.

The next part of the harvest cycle is the 12th house, which they call the House of Germination. For me, this is from July 6th through August 4th. This is the time when I have stated my wishes to the great manifesting ethers – I’ve planted the seed – and now I must just sit quietly and wait. And listen. The seed of my dream is resting in the arms of the Universe. And nothing at all appears to be happening. We all know this experience, yes?

So, while the Sun is moving through my 12th house, my task is to surrender. To have faith. To release worry. To trust that much is happening below the surface. Because it is.

And so it goes, as our dreams go from germination to pollination to harvest, around the chart, and show up in our lives. And then we begin again – on the same dates every year – to choose and plant new seeds. New seeds that are reflective of who we are at that current moment in time in our personal evolution. Not quite the same as the year before.

To do this consciously, using the dates in the book as a navigational device, is amazingly helpful. What’s incredible is how the energy of the cycle shows up as we enter each house. Synchronicities abound.

For instance, A friend of mine discovered this book just before the Sun entered her 4th house. Cole and Williams call this the House of Pruning and Weeding. We know that in order for our dreams to grow, they need space and a welcoming environment. As you might imagine, this is the ideal time for not only clutter-clearing, but removing any extraneous activities from our lives. This message came to my friend at the perfect time and was just what she needed to help move her forward. Before then she had felt stuck, both by certain draining activities in her life, and also by clutter that she didn’t realize was significantly impacting her energy.

As the Sun illuminates and highlights each arena of our charts, our energy is ripe for the attention that is asked of us. There’s really a kind of elegance to the unfolding of the harvest cycle, and amazingly, it tends to match our unfolding life experience. Imagine how we might engage with the invitation of each part of the cycle, when we do it with intention.

Our deepest, truest goals, when they are realized, affect every corner of our lives. This is a way to travel with that dream seed, nurturing it every step of the way around the circle of our lives, until those dreams blossom.



 Offering 1

One beautifully wrapped The Book of Houses, personalized with dates filled in based on your birth chart. Plus, an hour-long session with me for exploring your personal harvest cycle. We will talk about where you are in the cycle of dreaming and becoming. In addition to what is covered in the book, I will add some of my own thoughts about the patterns of each cycle. And I will highlight times when certain planetary energies in your personal chart will be interacting with this growth process. $110

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Offering 2

We will add an exploration of your harvest cycle, with your own personalized and beautifully wrapped copy of The Book of Houses to a full reading of your astrological chart. See this page here for details about my readings. Astrology readings generally run about 90 minutes. We will take an extra 20-30 minutes to fold in this layer of your annual harvest cycle, adding richness and dimension to your understanding of your unfolding life. $225.

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Offering 3

I will journey with you for a full year, as the Sun travels around your chart. We will meet by phone or Skype for 45-60 minutes 12 times over the course of a year, exploring each of the 12 houses in your Harvest Cycle. We’ll explore how the patterns of each house are showing up in your life. We’ll reflect on the evolution of your growth, where you’re getting tripped up, where you are experiencing that inner blossoming. Personalized book included. $1100 (last session is free)

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