Honoring the Soul ~ Becoming Whole

Coaching sessions with me are an alchemical mix of astrology, counseling (help with moving through), coaching (help with moving forward), intuition, co-creation (it’s your life, after all), occasional bits of poetry, tarot, and appropriate moments of hilarity. Life in the present moment… while sometimes peering backward or envisioning forward.

My work is informed in equal parts by my studies in depth psychology, coaching, evolutionary astrology, and my own particular wisdom and heart.

We plant roots together by beginning with your foundation: your astrological chart. We lay our virtual picnic blanket under the shade of the tree that is you. This tree, representing your unique astrological DNA, offers both a canopy of containment for our exploration of your soul’s travels, and also helps me know you more dimensionally than if we simply spoke to each other. Your astrology helps me understand you at a deeper level than your conscious mind can offer.

Astrology can help shed light on what we are experiencing, and this understanding can be empowering and also help ease our pain.

I’ve worked with Lauren-Miranda on various occasions, and each time, I found her to be a nurturing, lovely and astute coach. Her manner is so soothing and genuine, I felt right at home, and like I was working with an old friend. Through her astrological readings, and in her coaching, she has opened me to new and deeper insights about myself and helped me in subtly shifting my perspective to something larger and greater than myself. Her work is profound, and it’s a gift to have the opportunity to engage with her.  – D.B., Madison, NJ

Through coaching, we work with this foundation of your astrology session and breathe movement into it. We explore how you can engage consciously with both the patterns and possibilities evident in your chart. We invite all parts of you to your inner table – all are welcome, for what we shun in ourselves becomes our shadow. We open up windows in your psyche so you may experience life more spaciously and joyfully.

So, begin with an astrology session. If you have had one with me in the last three months and would like to continue with coaching, you can either book a single coaching session, or book a package of three and I will offer you a fourth session for free. Coaching packages allow the space for your unfoldment, deeper exploration, and transformation.

Single follow-up coaching session….. $110

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Package of 4 coaching sessions .… $390

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Lauren-Miranda has a way of genuinely listening that always makes me feel that I have really been seen and heard; that she sincerely cares. She has a real gift for gently asking just the right questions at the right time to elicit the deepest, most meaningful insights and responses. She can always get to the heart of the matter with her talent for emotional articulation, honesty and directness.  – L.H., Berkeley, CA